Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Start Your Own Office Cleaning Business

I have a lot of friends that are out of work, but as I stated earlier on this blog most of them are not internet savvy to say the least. I sometimes go online to see what jobs are out there and email the listings back to my buddies to try and help them out (in case you think I’m being a pushy jerk, they appreciate me helping them out…or at least that’s what they tell me :-).

I am always amazed at how many business offices constantly need someone to clean them. Now if you were to respond to an ad they may only offer you $9 an hour or so, but if you owned your own business they will gladly pay you considerably more.

Why you ask?

Because people that clean offices usually only do it for a few months until they find a better job and then the business owner has to constantly hire new people every few months. People are gladly willing to pay you well if you can assure them that you will clean their offices month after month with your own business so they don’t constantly have to bring in new people.

How much can you actually make with your own office cleaning business? How does $54,000 a year part time sound?

Sound good?

Well there are some things you need to know in order to get your business off on the right foot and Clean Up the Profits has you covered.

The creator of Clean up the Profits is Sam Rodman. Sam started this bootstrap business with nothing more than a spray bottle and a borrowed vacuum. How cool is that?!

As you get going you can actually hire people to do the work for you, pay them part of what you charge the client and keep the rest for yourself. You don’t want to do this in the beginning, but as you get more work than you can handle or start getting accounts that are 30+ miles away this is a great way to keep getting more money without doing all the work yourself.

Here’s what you will learn in Clean Up the Profits
  • How to get started fast and easy
  • How to get business the smart way without expensive advertising.
  • How to organize each job to finish faster, and create more profit.
  • How to project a professional image and get top dollar for your service.
  • How much to charge. A simple formula that's right on the money.
  • What kind of people to hire to do the work.
  • A risk-free proven method of getting customers in your area.
  • How to get started with little or no money.
  • 4 Free Bonus Reports that will increase your efficiency and your profits
That’s a ton of information for less than $20.  And the best part is if you don’t see the profits within 60 days just ask Sam for a full refund and he will be more than happy to give it to you.  You gotta love risk free offers!
So What Do Sam’s Students Think About Cleaning up the Profits?

"I just wanted to update you on my progress and let you know I now have monthly earnings in excess of $10,000 dollars! This is only my 3rd year in the office cleaning business."
-Christina Lemay Florida


"Since purchasing the Office Cleaning Kit, we have had tremendous results in getting customers. We followed your steps and within a six month period we were earning $6000. a month. We felt it necessary to express our gratitude to you for sharing your insight and expertise on office cleaning, as well as the many other tips you have made available to us in your kit."
-Victor & Teyna Bonner

Click here to see more testimonials about Clean Up the Profits…

Office cleaning is a billion dollar industry and its evergreen, meaning that this service will always be in demand. If you are interested in starting your own office cleaning business for yourself I highly recommend that you learn how to do it the right way from Sam Rodman.


Visit Clean Up the Profits and Get Your Office Cleaning Business Started Right Now…


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